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I believe that I am unique in my own little ways.

I love music, slash and art. Steak is my favorite food. The Ship Who Sang is my favorite book. Stargate is my favorite fandom, closely followed by Supernatural. I've been told I'm funny. And while I do try to be amusing on purpose, I get the feeling that I'm more often amusing on accident.
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Stories by Samara_Draven
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Summary: Rodney's captor likes him just a little too much.

Updated: 24 Sep 2011; Published: 15 Mar 2006

Summary: Dr. Weir gets Ambassador benefits from their new allies.

Categories: Slash Pairings > Weir/Other
Characters: Elizabeth Weir, Other
Genres: Episode Related, PWP - Plot, What Plot?
Warnings: Adult themes
Chapters: 1 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 1982; Completed: Yes
Updated: 23 Feb 2006; Published: 23 Feb 2006
Echoes by Samara_Draven [NC-17]
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Summary: If only it would stop putting images of Sheppard in his head.

Categories: Slash Pairings > McKay/Sheppard
Characters: John Sheppard, Other, Rodney McKay
Genres: Humour, Pre-slash, Romance, Series
Warnings: Adult themes
Chapters: 6 [Table of Contents]
Series: None

Word count: 10284; Completed: Yes
Updated: 17 Aug 2005; Published: 13 Aug 2005